School, But in Style

Explore the countless types of styles in JIS and get inspired to try new clothes!


Afiah Norman and fellow fashionistas flaunt their flair.


Being one of the only IASAS schools to not have a uniform policy, JIS students have the freedom to choose their own attire. With more students coming to campus in person, various styles of clothing are worn to classes. So, what are some of the fashion trends in our school? Get ready to talk style in JIS!



Some students choose to dress casually while others style them- selves fashionably for school.”I just wear what’s on top of my drawer most of the time,” says Tobias Budiman. “Less to stress about, I guess.” School can already be stressful enough without the added pressure of deciding what to wear. However, there are students who like to put in their own pop of style into their fits in such ways as jewelry, distinctive colors, and even shoes.



So, the most common styles are casual everyday outfits—nothing extravagant, but still very stylish in its own way.

So to go in-depth with a few of these styles, an effortless way to mix casual and the simple together is by choosing to walk around in sportswear. Walking from class to class across our enormous campus in the tropical heat is exercise, so why not do it with ease and dress for the part? This may be the primary reason why sportswear is a common look.

Trendy casual is laid-back, usually consisting of baggy bottoms and a top with a flannel shirt or a jacket. It’s practical with just a bit of personal flair. Baron Siahaan likes it “comfortable and colorful” and prefers “comfortable basketball shorts with maybe a bright shirt so [that he] can pop a bit.” Endless combinations and prioritizing ease.



Now for the fashionistas of JIS! Many take advantage of the no-uniform policy to express themselves through clothing that isn’t quite seen as often worn to school. Afiah Norman expresses how “it’s nice that it’s not just one set style we all follow.”

To list some there are the grunge styles which are inspired by mirror- ing the outer look of rock or punk bands. Using clothing items which are usually thrifted or have a dark and worn-out look to them. Clutter- ing items together is a big part of what makes grunge fashion stand out from others.

Streetwear baggy bottoms like cargo pants, loose cotton pants or even simple trousers mostly paired with big oversized shirts or sweaters.

Add on a cargo jacket or jean jacket to level up the swagness of the outfit. The colors consist of simple neutral colors with maybe a spark of brighter colors in there.

Layering, in particular, is a big trend nowadays. Students have picked up on that trend and have been using their creativity to create various looks by layering many of their own clothes. These students could be seen layering tank tops over a shirt or leg warmers over tights and sweater vests over collared long sleeves.



Still, a few students expressed their lack of inspiration for what to wear most days.

That’s why we’ve gathered a few places you could get inspired to change or improve your wardrobe a bit. Kat Koltai shares that she buys clothes that “could fit into many outfits and pieces [that she can] style in different ways.”

When she is online, she goes to places such as Pinterest or Tumblr “to look at different ways people have put together outfits”

So which one are you? A fashionista or a casual wearer? Try something new and switch up your style once in a while!