Ready and Waiting

The high school campus welcomes students with open arms.

Welcome back, JIS Dragons! As we transition from online to on-campus learning, many of us are excited to return to campus, and you may be surprised by the new changes installed at JIS!

Leading you through the Terogong gate, you will be greeted by a few of our JIS security guards. Once through, you’ll find the Fine Arts Theater (FAT) on your left. Go right and follow the H Module and you will encounter our very own Vive Cafe where one day you’ll be able to order a variety of drinks and snacks. (Soon, we hope!)

Head up and to the left of Vive, you will find the iconic dragon Fountain: a popular area for students to hang out and relax with friends. Spot the Booster Hut, where you will one day be able to order a wide range of food.

Around the Dragon Fountain, you will see classrooms for modules A, B and C. You can find your Indonesian classes in A Module, Math and Mandarin in B Module, and your English classes in C Module. It might be hard to find your class at first, but do not hesitate to ask a teacher if you ever need assistance—they will be more than happy to help! (Quick tip: rooms 1-6 are downstairs.)

As you walk around the area, you will encounter one of the newest features on the campus: the HS library, which may turn out to be one of the most popular places once we can fully reopen. With a variety of books to read and plenty of comfortable areas to relax, this may turn out to be one of your favorite places to stay.

Do not worry, health safety protocols are in place to ensure student safety on campus. The Wantilan cafeteria features plastic barriers between tables in order to practice social distancing while eating. Hand sanitizer machines and sinks are stationed throughout the campus to encourage students to maintain hand hygiene.

“The campus is very big,” remarked Jimin Lee, who is new to JIS this year. “It’s really bigger than
I thought it would be. But I’ve had a few people help me to my classes and show me around so it was cool.”

Prior to JIS, she had attended the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), a member of The Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS). Having known a few students who also moved to JIS, she was looking forward to seeing them again.

Josephine Ramlie

Jimin is excited to be involved in the community and exploring the campus—particularly, the library. In addition, she is also excited to attend her classes in-person instead of through Zoom.

“I personally think I’m a better physical learner instead of doing school virtually… It’s more engaging for me to be in class and actually see my peers in the same classroom,”

Jimin said. “It’s a bit hard to socialize in school when it’s virtual.”

She further added that when she was on campus, it was easier to get to know people and talk to her peers.

Sofia Malika Djojonegoro, a senior who has been attending JIS since her freshman year, is grateful to be able to spend her final year of high school back on campus. Although she attended special events on campus several times last year, she expressed that coming on campus as a senior is the most surreal part of the experience of returning to campus.

“The feeling of being on the JIS campus is kind of unparalleled,” she said. “Being able to walk and breathe in the fresh air in a city where everything kind of feels so packed is something super special.”

Sofia Malika was particularly excited to be able to meet her friends and teachers, and also to take a
break from online learning. However, despite her excitement about the return, she expressed that the lack of food is something that she is missing. Prior to the pandemic, students would have many food options from several food vendors such as the Booster Hut, Vive Cafe, D’Toko or Sodexo. We hope these options will be available again soon.

In the meantime, most of us will have to juggle between on-campus and online learning as we adjust to the hybrid model. Extracurricular activities will stay online for some time.

“It’s nice that the school is actually still open in terms of activities and clubs for people online as well,” Jimin said. “So it’s less inconvenient and you’re not exactly missing out on anything, even if you don’t go to school. I think that’s very well done [by] the school and also great for people who are not here [in Jakarta] or not vaccinated.”

We all look forward to some time in the future when everyone can return to campus and food is available, so in the meantime, stay on course! When you are able to return, the campus is ready and waiting for you. And when you finally arrive, be sure to check out the library because, as Sofia Malika says, it “is absolutely insane.”